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Metabolic Weight Loss Program

Achieve your weight loss goals, improve your metabolism and promote longevity:
Yoga Practice


Lower Inflammation

Enjoying Lunch


Slow Down Aging

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Achieve Healthy Weight

My Organic Macros is a customized 3 week program that helps you build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and healing of a damaged metabolism.

The complete program includes a wellness assessment done by Dr. Julie  along with a carefully curated food list, meal plan and recipe book created by Dr. Julie. This program is designed to help balance your food and health systems and reflects a reasonable investment in self care.  

Crash diets help you lose weight quickly but often result in subsequent weight gain that is more rapid and are more metabolically damaging.  

Stress, age, genetics and environment impact and influence your unique macro nutrient demand. My Organic Macros takes into account those factors and allows you to eat real, whole foods in combinations that keep your metabolism balanced, result in weight loss and sustain and improve your overall health.   

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