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Due to changes over the past 2 years we currently work remotely with clients. Over the next few months we hope to reopen our doors for in person meetings. We are looking forward to this in our beautiful new space in Foxboro, Massachusetts. 

With over 20 years of experience, I am passionate about helping you find solutions to what can feel like complex health problems, and to understand your body and how all the systems work together. My areas of focus in practice is around 3 key areas: gut, hormones, and metabolism.

The goal is for you to take back control of your wellness by using safe, natural therapies, with current advances in modern science-based medicine in a compassionate setting to feel your best!
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Better Gut Health

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Often the road to good health starts with a healthy gut. 


Many common health conditions, from weight loss difficulty,  hormonal amd  immuneimbalances,  osteoporosis, cognitive issues, brain fog and anxiety, can be triggered by an imbalance in the gut. Virtually any health condtion may benefit from optimizing gut funciton. 

Do you suffer from these symptoms or conditions? 

SIBO, IBS, Gas, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, Cramping, Pain, Reflux, Indigestion, Bad Taste in Mouth, Skin Irritations, Anxiety

Lab tests I might order to identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Food Sensitivity and Reactivity
Gut Microbiome & Intestinal Health Assessment
Malabsorption or Nutrient Deficiencies
Organic Acid Testing
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Balanced Hormone Health

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The hormone system serves as the control center of your rhythmic physiology and your body's remarkable ability to adapt to stressors.

An imbalance can create symptoms in any system of the body.

Do you suffer from these symptoms or conditions? 

PCOS, Infertility, PMS, Low Libido, Fatigue, , Menopause, Irregular Cycles, Preconception concerns, Abnormal PAP, Acne, Body Hair Growth, Difficulty Maintaining Weight, Body Composition, Recurrent Infections, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety.

Lab tests I might order to identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Urinary and Salivary Hormones and Metabolites
Adrenal Hormone Assessment
Neurotransmitter Levels and Organic Acids 
Food Sensitivity and Reactivity

Vitamin and Mineral Levels 

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Optimal Metabolic Health

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Metabolic syndrome  is characterized by elevated blood sugar, elevated  lipids, a  dis-regulated in hormones that control the metabolic system and processes that burn fuel in your body.  

A hormonal imbalance can be at the root of metabolic syndrome, and long before you receive a diagnosis.  Today's lifestyle and dietary approaches are assiated with metabolic sydrome and the rise of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Yo yo dieting oten exacerbates the issues by createing more damage to your metabolism. 

Do you suffer from these symptoms or conditions? 

High Cholesterol, Elevated Triglycerides, Inflammation, Elevated Blood Sugar, Insulin Imbalance, Chronic Stress, Abdominal Weight Gain, Menstrual Disorders, Fagigue, Inability to Maintain Healthy Weight, Fatty Liver

Lab tests I might order to identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Advanced Lipid and Inflammation Panel
Insulin Resistance Analysis

Full Hormone Analysis
Organic Acid Testing
Vitamin and Mineral Status 
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Do you identify with some of these symptoms but want to focus on weight loss? 

My Organic Macros is a customized 3 week program that helps you build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. The complete kit includes a customized and carefully chosen food list, meal plan and recipe book created by Dr. Julie.


This program is designed to help balance your food and health systems and reflects a reasonable investment in self care.  Crash diets help you lose weight quickly but often result in subsequent weight gain that is more rapid and are more metabolically damaging.  


Stress, age, genetics and environment impact and influence your unique macro nutrient demand. My Organic Macros takes into account those factors and allows you to eat real, whole foods in combinations that keep your metabolism balanced, result in weight loss and sustain and improve your overall health.   

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