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Core Values


We believe each person should have access to information and care that allows them to optimize their healing and state of health. 


Each person is unique therefore their healing plan should be as well.


Through a full evaluation, turning over stones and finding information through careful interview and looking for clues in your health history, laboratory testing for deeper evaluation, and use of scientific literature and the application of principles of health and healing derived from all forms of healthcare the root cause of your problem can be better understood and addressed. 


Healthcare interventions should be optimized for sustainability of people and our beautiful planet.  


Other form of modern healthcare should always be considered and integrated as needed. 


Prevention is a priority. The interventions you integrate should be not only treating your issues today but also helping to prevent issues in the future


You will find the tools you need with us. 

Embark on  your journey of
empowerment, education and healing


All living things have the powerful capacity for healing.  Given the right input for the body and mind  can restore it’s innate balance and experience homeostasis. 

My philosophy is rooted in the wisdom of the GAIA hypothesis which sees earth as a holistic organism, where everything is interconnected - air, water, soil, and our own bodies.  Just as healthy soil depends on clean water so our bodies thrive with healthy input.

Our bodies are like a microcosm of Earth's systems.   interconnected... an issue  in one system can affect others.

Join us on a natural path to health and wellness where Interconnectedness thrives. 


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